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I was recently drawn towards purchasing a press stud / snap fastener tool. Not sure why I decided I needed one but I just knew that it would come in handy for something!

The tool arrived with a little box of various coloured snap fasteners and I let out a little eek of excitement at the thought of making something. Now I have a habit of doing this – browsing the internet at night when the house is oh so quiet and coming up with these great ideas that somehow result in internet shopping. The reality of said items arriving is that coupled with a busy order book they then generally sit there until I find some free time to have a play and as all busy Mums know, these moments don’t happen often!

After weeks of my wonderful new tool sitting in my studio the moment arrived. Sunday afternoon. School uniforms, washed, ironed and put away, homework complete, dog walked, kids tired out and everyone happy to have some quiet sofa time. I decided to make a dribble bib, an item which was not particularly popular when my kids were at the dribbling stage and would have come in SO handy to keep those little outfits and delicate skin nice and dry.

I made a pattern which will fit from newborn to toddler, dug out some fabric remnants and off I went. Despite a rogue pen mark, I was really happy with the finished result of my first sample and my new tool came in pretty handy after all.  I am now on a hunt for great fabrics to create a range of dribble bibs to add to my shop. Watch this space!