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Middle Names


So what’s your thoughts on middle names? I don’t have one and neither does my sister. I’m fairly certain it’s because my parents also didn’t have middle names. My husband and I have followed suit and only given the kids one name. I can remember reaching a certain age, probably junior school and everybody wanting to know what your middle name was and I made one up because it seemed so boring not to have one. Gertrude was my name of choice because I also thought I was pretty funny. Ha! I wonder if my children will get to an age and wonder why lots of their friends have second and even third names.

When a baby is born it always sounds so nice for them to have two names that (usually) go well together and makes their name seem cuter somehow. After that though, when is it used? Paperwork in the future or if they’re being particularly naughty. I know many people see it as a chance to use a relative’s name which is of course a lovely gesture and continuation of family history. Apparently the addition of a second name dates back to the middle ages when Europeans struggled to decide whether to give their child a saints name or a common family name. Maybe this answers the query. Is it indecisiveness between two names so both are used?

I’d love to hear the story behind your children’s middle names or why you chose not to give one.