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16 Feb 2017
Feb 16 2017

So what’s your thoughts on middle names? I don’t have one and neither does my sister. I’m fairly certain it’s because my parents also didn’t have middle names. My husband and I have followed suit and only given the kids one name. I can remember reaching a certain […]

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1 Dec 2016
Dec 1 2016

So – here we are, 1st December and how exciting it is in the Arty apple house! The decorations went up last night, the tree, the stockings and everything else that come out of the loft at this time of year – yes, it was technically still November […]

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18 Oct 2016
Oct 18 2016

I was recently drawn towards purchasing a press stud / snap fastener tool. Not sure why I decided I needed one but I just knew that it would come in handy for something! The tool arrived with a little box of various coloured snap fasteners and I let […]

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20 Mar 2013
Mar 20 2013

In the last few months I have had several customers looking for a gift to take with them to a baby shower. Baby showers are still so new to us in this country that people are unsure what makes that perfect gift. This prompted me to introduce my […]

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1 Dec 2012
Dec 1 2012

So it’s the 1st of December as I write this and the earliest we’ve ever put our Christmas decorations up! With an excited 3 year old it’s been hard to put off any longer and what great fun we’ve had. As I hung Adam and Emma’s Christmas stockings […]

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28 Oct 2012
Oct 28 2012

Taggie blankets sometimes called Taggy or tag blankets are based on the concept that children benefit developmentally and are soothed and comforted by rubbing and exploring various tactile and visually stimulating looped tags, particularly satin. My taggies are made using a combination of fabrics and ribbon textures to really […]

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22 Oct 2012
Oct 22 2012

The arrival of my baby girl, Emma, has inspired me to add some gorgeous new products to my range. Still focussing on all things personalised I now sell hand made taggie blankets (taggy, tag blankets or taggies – they have a variety of spellings!) which can be embroidered […]

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5 Sep 2012
Sep 5 2012

Well as always I’ve seen a massive selection of names coming through but there’s definitely some firm favourites. I can still see Jack, Harry and Oliver high up in the popularity stakes for boys with Ethan creeping in there too. As for the girls Sophie, Amelia and Sophia […]

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30 Aug 2012
Aug 30 2012

Although Arty apple specialises in personalised baby bunting I have recently been developing my range of plain fabric bunting bundles that will add that finishing touch to newly decorated rooms or spruce up existing decor. With designs for both boys and girls, I’m sure you’ll find something that […]

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15 Jul 2012
Jul 15 2012

Following the birth of my beautiful baby girl Emma, I’m pleased to announce that Arty apple handmade crafts has re-opened! I look forward to making something special for you or your little one soon. Look out for a new range of products coming soon and please sign up […]

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