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1st December


So – here we are, 1st December and how exciting it is in the Arty apple house! The decorations went up last night, the tree, the stockings and everything else that come out of the loft at this time of year – yes, it was technically still November but it was great for the kids to get up this morning and be able to open the little wooden drawer in their advent train. Thank goodness Mummy remembered to put some chocolate coins in. Phew!

Pre kids our Christmas tree could have stepped straight out of a department store window. Those days seem long behind us as the tree is not decorated remotely symmetrical, colour coordinated or even able to stand straight as the mass volume of baubles at the front of the tree pull it forwards, Ha! And we love it like that. So much more character and the kids had a blast. Even our dog Yogi got dressed for the occasion, although I’m not sure he found it as funny as we did….

I must admit my heart sank a little when my son pulled out the ‘make your own gingerbread house’ kit I’d somehow thought was a good idea last year and memories of the faff involved are still so raw. He excitedly announced that we’d have to make another one this year and you just know the Mummy guilt is too strong to say no to that little face. I guess the kids will be getting some use out of their aprons this weekend as we attempt a better gingerbread house than last year. Let the icing sugar mess commence!